Why Akasha?

I have always found it difficult to name a clinic (or anything for that matter). Names I believe have a certain energy just like everything else. So what to name this third iteration of a clinic? I couldn't use my last clinic name, Lotus Chiropractic, that was the past and time has moved on. So, a new name had to be found and with it comes a new energy and flow. 

But what to call this new clinic healing space? 

What represents what I do?  I needed to find a name that describes what I work with in the body beyond just the structural physical components such as muscles, bones and nervous system. I am always asked what am I doing when I do a light, gentle touch on the neck and sacrum. How can that change anything?  I am working with the energy body that surrounds the physical body. 


That energy body is called the etheric body or AKASHA in Sanskrit. 

By working on the physical body and the etheric body, holistic mind/body healing can be achieved. 

A feeling of peace, connectedness and release of painful symptoms is found. 


That is the feeling you get when you work with Akasha.